Scroll 3 -- Advanced Practice

Suggested Practice is three to five times per week.

  1. Review the Advanced Practice and Internal Hexagram section of The Process.
  2. Learn the Positions of all sixty four Hexagrams.
  3. Challenge yourself to remember the stalk values of all six lines prior to recording your counting. Master the process of verbalizing the Hexagram, Internal Hexagrams, changing lines and changing Hexagrams prior to recording your counting.
  4. Learn the Internal Structure of the counting process. There will soon be a section on the web site reviewing this process.
  5. Create a moving calendar and track the weeks of the Creative I Ching year.
  6. Begin to resonate with the energy flow of your counting and its correlation to the space and events surrounding you.

Scroll 1 - Introductory Practice - Coin Flipping

Scroll 2 - Intermediate Practice - Stalk Counting

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