Scroll 2 -- Intermediate Practice -- Stalk Counting

Suggested Practice for Stalk Counting: casual practice once per week for eight weeks, advanced practice four to six times per week for four to eight weeks (choose to not miss more than one day at a time)

  1. Review "A Five Minute History".
  2. Learn the eight Trigrams and their characteristics.
  3. Review and understand the Chart of the Sequence along with the characteristics of the Four Houses. Read "The Calendar and The Great Wheel".
  4. Review "The Coin and Stalk Methods". Using the Stalk Method, the Basic Worksheet, Table of Ideas and the Chart of the Order, build your Hexagrams. Find your Hexagram on The Chart of the Sequence. Refer to the three Example Worksheets in "The Process".
  5. Using "The Three Stages of Change", build changing Hexagrams.
  6. Review the Nuclear Trigram section of "The Process" and understand their importance.
Goals of the Intermediate Practice

  • Memorize the Eight Trigrams, learn their characteristics and their positions in The Inner Circle
  • Have a good understanding of the energy flow of The Inner Circle
  • Be familiar with the positions of all Hexagrams in The Inside, The Inner Cirlce and the Four Houses of the Outer Circle
  • Have a working understanding of the Stages of Change of Yang and Yin, changing lines, and changing Hexagrams

Scroll 1 - Introductory Practice - Coin Flipping

Scroll 3 - Advanced Practice

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