The Calendar

The Sequence

First there is Yang, the One, the Creative Spirit. The Divine Will to be aware and to experience and express that awareness.

Next comes Yin, what we are aware of. The power to organize and exist. Created from the harmony of Yang and Yin comes awareness of experience.

Each experience moves from a state of before completion to a state of after completion. The new experience then becomes a state of before completion itself. Therefore next comes Before Completion and After Completion.

The process by which experience moves from before completion to after completion is outlined by the expansion of the Creative Spirit (Divine Will) into its components. This process is revealed by the Hexagrams formed by the Eight Trigrams of the Sequence of Earlier Heaven below the Trigrams of the Sequence of Later Heaven. Therefore next follows the Eight Directional Hexagrams of the Inner Circle.

This process moves through four stages, or Houses. Therefore next follows the House of Conception, then the House of Creation, then the House of Compassion, then the House of Completion. Each House is centered by doubling the top trigram of the Inner Circle Hexagram of its primary direction.

The completion of the Sequence reveals a new state of before completion for the next chosen experience. Folding back in upon itself, the sequence begins again.

The Outer Circle contains 52 Hexagrams divided as described above into four Houses representing the four required elements of creative experience. These 52 Hexagrams correspond to the 52 weeks of the year. The Creative I Ching new year begins on the day six weeks prior to the Vernal Equinox. This means that just as the Equinox falls on different days of the week, so the Creative I Ching calendar's week starts on a different day each year. For the 2010-2011 year, each new week begins on Saturday (please see exhibit "Creative I Ching Calendar for 2010-2011). Please note that the first day of the year is at the bottom left. The weeks go from bottom to top in the House of Conception and the House of Creation. They move from top to bottom in the House of Compassion and the House of Completion. This energy pattern follows the Inner Circle, beginning in the north east and moving clockwise around the circle.

The 13 Hexagrams in each House represent creative energy's movement through that House. The colors correspond to the 8 Inner Circle Hexagrams as they appear in the Chakra Chart in Chapter #2. The Equinox or Solstice for that season resides in the center, or 7th week of each House. These days celebrate the core idea of it's House. The two most important days of the Creative I Ching year are the Vernal Equinox and the Winter Solstice. On the Vernal Equinox, a stalk counting is performed which gives the practioner the Hexagram representing the prominent energy pattern for the upcoming year. Traditionally, this was called "receiving your orders" for the year. On the Winter Solstice, the counting "reports" the success of those orders back to the spiritual source.

In moving from one week to the next, it is suggested to contemplate the moving lines required in changing the current week's Hexagram into the following week's. Moving lines are described in "The Three Stages of Change of Yang and Yin".

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