The Sequence:After the Spirit of Awareness comes what we are aware of. Therefore next comes Yin. The power to organize. The power to Be. The ability to become a recognized pattern.
The Idea:Manifesting the Grandest Visions and Creative Choices of the Divine Spirit brings about sublime success and furthering.
Comments on the Idea:The Receptive manifests sublime success.
Furthering through the perseverance of a mare.
If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead,
He goes astray. And if he follows, he finds guidance.
Quiet perseverance brings good fortune

The Receptive in its riches carries all things.
Its nature is in harmony with the boundless.
It embraces everything in its breadth and illumines
everything in its greatness.
Through it, all individuated beings attain success.

The Image:The earth's condition is receptive manifestation.
Thus the Divine Spirit who has breadth of character
carries the outer world.

The Lines:
six in the sixthSincerity leads to change.
Allow change easily and good fortune will follow.
Sincerity is the manifestation of sublimity.
six in the fifthCentral and Divine, the Creative Spirit
is full of power. Beauty lies within.
six in the fourthA tied-up sack. Devotion leads to inertia.
Inertia leads to enthusiasm and abundance.
six in the thirdModest lines shine forth.
One is able to remain persevering.
Seek not works, but bring to completion.
The light of wisdom is great.
six in the secondStraight, square, great. Without purpose,
yet everything is furthered.
In the nature of the earth lies the light.
six in the firstUnlimited receptivity at the beginning
manifests sublime success and abundance.
Attention to detail in cultivation and devotion.

When all lines are sixes:
Existence without limits.
It ends in great things.

The Moving Lines:
6 in the 6thSincere and flexible
Allowing change easily
Flexible in Manifestation
6 in the 5thCentral and Divine
Full of Power, furthering all things
Balanced in Manifestation
Flexible in Manifestation
6 in the 4thDevoted and content
Devotion leading to momentum
Receptive in Manifestation
Flexible in Manifestation
Balanced in Manifestation
6 in the 3rdPersevering and modest
Modestly bringing to completion
Flexible in Manifestation
Balanced in Manifestation
Receptive in Manifestation
6 in the 2ndStraight, square and great
Without purpose, yet everything is furthered
Balanced in Manifestation
Receptive in Manifestation
6 in the 1stUnlimited receptivity
Attention to detail bringing success
Receptive in Manifestation

Sequence of "Existence" in the Chart of the Sequence

"Existence" is in the position of "Completion of the Inside".

As one of the four Primal Hexagrams of "The Inside", "Existence"
contrasts with "#1. The Creative Spirit" to establish the Space for Creative Experience.
The Hexagrams of "#3. Before Completion" and "#4. After Completion"
contrast to establish Time for the Creative Experience.

Relationship of "Existence" to the calendar and "The Great Wheel"

The four Hexagrams of "The Inside" represent the contrasts allowing
for the the existence of Creative Space and Time.

The eight Hexagrams of "The Inner Circle" represent the movement of
Creative Spirit through the metaphysical universe into the physical universe.

The calendar and "The Great Wheel" represent the 52 Hexagrams of "The Outer Circle",
or the physical universe. Because of that, "Existence" is not represented on
the calendar or "The Great Wheel."

It is positioned outside the physical universe, a causual power
creating both the metaphysical and physical universes.

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