Creative Spirit

The Sequence:First, there is the one. The Creative Spirit.
The Divine Will to be aware and experience.
The Idea:We become aware to experience our Creativity.
The Path to that experience is the purpose of the Unity.
Comments on the Idea:The Way of the Unity works through
Change and Transformation, the unlimited experience of
our Creative Choices, so that each thing
receives its true nature and destiny and comes
into permanent accord with the Great Harmony.
That is what furthers and what perseveres.

The Creative Awareness is sublime,
successful, furthering and enlightening.
Of all that is good and great, sublimity is supreme.
Succeeding is the coming together of all that is beautiful.
Furthering is the agreement of all that is chosen.
Enlightenment is the Truth of the Creative Spirit.

The Image:The Creative Spirit is full of power.
Thus it becomes strong and untiring.

The Portals:The Lines:
Communitynine in the sixthModest, Sincere, and Joyous Dragons inspire
Sublime Success and Divine Inspiration.
Choosing Modesty in Virtues and Talents,
and in the Experience of all Creative Visions.
Arutamnine in the fifthFlying Dragons in the Heavens.
Everything serves to further. Power to our
Creative Visions, for they Reveal the Divine Spirit,
and it Furthers One to Manifest the Divine
nine in the fourthJoyous and Sincere Dragons in Steady Flight
Over the Depths. Advance brings about Sublime
Success and abundance.
Core Selfnine in the thirdDragons taking Flight. The Divine Spirits are
Creatively Active all day. Even at night their bodies,
hearts and souls enjoy the Tao in harmony.
They go to and fro on the right course,
creating and experiencing their Gandest choices
and most Creative Visions,
Relationshipnine in the secondSincere Dragons appearing in the Meadow.
It furthers one to Follow the Way of the Divine Spirits
for they experience their Grandest Choices
and most Creative Visions.
Missionnine in the firstCreative Dragons Forging the Foundation,
for the Light Giving Power flows from within.

When all lines are nines:

There appears a flight of dragons without heads.
Great good fortune.
It is the nature of heaven to place its light below.

The Moving Lines:

9 in the 6thDragons inspiring creation
Modest, Sincere and Joyous
Inspiring in Spirit
9 in the 5thFlying Dragons in the Heavens
Sincere and Powerful, everything furthers
Furthering in Spirit
Inspiring in Spirit
9 in the 4thDragons in steady flight
Sincere and Joyous, advancing with success
Creative in Spirit
Inspiring in Spirit
Furthering in Spirit
9 in the 3rdDragons taking flight
Creatively Active, Joyous and Harmonious
Inspiring in Spirit
Furthering in Spirit
Creative in Spirit
9 in the 2ndDragons in the Meadows
Sincere and Following Divine Truth
Furthering in Spirit
Creative in Spirit
9 in the 1stDragons forging the foundations
Creative, Sincere and Cultivating
Creative in Spirit

Sequence of "Creative Spirit" in the Chart of the Sequence

"The Creative Spirit" is in the position of "Creation of the Inside".

As one of the four Primal Hexagrams of "The Inside", "The Creative Spirit"
contrasts with "#2. Existence" to establish the Space for Creative Experience.
The Hexagrams of "#3. Before Completion" and "#4. After Completion"
contrast to establish Time for the Creative Experience.

Relationship of "The Creative Spirit" to the calendar and "The Great Wheel"

The four Hexagrams of "The Inside" represent the contrasts allowing for
the the existence of Creative Space and Time.

The eight Hexagrams of "The Inner Circle" represent the movement of
Creative Spirit through the metaphysical universe into the physical universe.

The calendar and "The Great Wheel" represent the 52 Hexagrams of "The Outer Circle",
or the physical universe. Because of that, "The Creative Spirit" is not represented
on the calendar or "The Great Wheel." It is positioned outside the physical universe,
a causual power creating both the metaphysical and physical universes.

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