The Full Image:

Awareness of Power experienced through the Development of Joy

The Moving Lines:
6 in the 6thSincere and flexible
Allowing change easily
Flexible in Power
6 in the 5thCentral and Divine
Full of Power, furthering all things
Balanced in Power
Flexible in Joy
9 in the 4thDragons in steady flight
Sincere and Joyous, advancing with success
Creative in Power
Inspiring Development
Furthering Joy
9 in the 3rdDragons taking flight
Creatively Active, Joyous and Harmonious
Inspiring in Awareness
Furthering Development
Creative in Joy
6 in the 2ndStraight, square and great
Modestly bringing to completion
Balanced in Awareness
Receptive in Development
9 in the 1stDragons forging the foundations
Creative, Sincere and Cultivating
Creative in Awareness

Sequence of "Courage" in the Chart of the Sequence

"Courage" is in the position of "Culmination of the Conception of the Inner Circle".

As one of the eight Metaphysical Hexagrams of "The Inner Circle",
"Courage" represents the abundance of power in the movement of Creative Spirit
from the Primal "Inside" to the Physical Universe of the "Outer Circle".

Relationship of "Courage" to the calendar and "The Great Wheel"

The four Hexagrams of "The Inside" represent the contrasts allowing
for the the existence of Creative Space and Time.

The eight Hexagrams of "The Inner Circle" represent the movement of
Creative Spirit through the metaphysical universe into the physical universe.

The calendar and "The Great Wheel" represent the 52 Hexagrams of "The Outer Circle",
or the physical universe. Because of that, "Courage" is not represented on the calendar
or "The Great Wheel." It is positioned outside the physical universe, representing the
movement of Creative Spirit From the Primal "Inside" to the Physical Universe of the '"Outer Circle".

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