The Full Image:

The Present Moment of the Manifestation experienced through the Path of Power

The Moving Lines:
6 in the 6thSincere and flexible
Allowing change easily
Flexible in Manifestation
6 in the 5thCentral and Divine
Full of Power, furthering all things
Balanced in Manifestation
Flexible in Power
6 in the 4thDevoted and content
Devotion leading to momentum
Receptive in Manifestation
Flexible on the Path
Balanced in Power
9 in the 3rdDragons taking flight
Creatively Active, Joyous and Harmonious
Inspiring the Moment
Furthering on the Path
Creative in Power
6 in the 2ndStraight, square and great
Without purpose, yet everything is furthered
Balanced in the Moment
Receptive on the Path
6 in the 1stUnlimited receptivity
Attention to detail bringing success
Receptive in the Moment

Sequence of "Appearance" in the Chart of the Sequence

"Appearance" is in the position of "Middle of the Experience of Completion."

"Appearance" is the fifty first Hexagram of the "Outer Circle"
and the twelth Hexagram of "The House of Completion".

Relationship of "Appearance" to the calendar and "The Great Wheel"

The calendar and "The Great Wheel" represent the 52 Hexagrams of
"The Outer Circle", or the physical universe.

"The Age of Appearance" begins February, 14000 and ends in February, 14240.

"The Era of Appearance" just as all 52 of the "Outer Circle"
Hexagrams occurs in each "Cycle" of "The Great Wheel".

The first "Era of Appearance" begins in February, 5000 and ends in February, 5060.

The Hexagram of "Appearance" corresponds to the fifty first week of the Creative I Ching Calendar.

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